Riviera Maya Travel Guide

Riviera Maya is a Mexican island on the Caribbean peninsula of Yucatan. It is just south of Cancun and it stretches up to 60 miles down the coast. The Riviera Maya features the spectacular island of Cozumel, the ancient Mayan Ruins, and fabulous beaches. Riviera Maya is a laid back fishing town that is about a half hour drive from Cancun but you will feel like you are a million miles away from the bright lights of the party capital of Yucatan. Quintana Roo is a great place to discover a good deal of wildlife. There are also family-friendly beaches all the way down the coastline such as Half Moon Bay and Akumal beach. Here are the top attractions in Riviera Maya, Mexico.

Playa del Carmen
Playa del Carmen is Riviera Maya’s largest town, and it is filled with designer stores, fine restaurants, and boutique hotels. Although this town has a Europeans feel, it works very hard to preserve its artistic atmosphere. This is also a great starting point to uncover some treasures of the Riviera.

Island of Cozumel
A ferry ride from Playa del Carmen will get you to this island. The island of Cozumel is the largest Caribbean island in Mexico. This island is filled with perfect beaches, sleepy villages, and dense jungles. This is more of the kind of place where people come for a day but end up spending a month. You can watch some boats going in and out if the harbor or explore San Miguel, the island’s main town. You can also visit the ancient connotes; the freshwater pools that sustained the spirits and quenched the thirsts of the ancient Mayans. Cozumel is also part of the second largest reef in the world – the Mesoamerica Barrier Reef.

Chankanaab and Palancar
Heading down the Chankanaab and Palanacar on the island camel waters or sheltered side makes exploring reef a breeze especially for beginners. The Punts Celerain and Putasur on the south-western tip are great for wild waters. You can also explore the mangrove habitat as and rich lagoon but ensure you don’t stray off the path. Visit the Navigation Museum which preserves the maritime history of this island. You can head to the beach side Cantina at the end of a Long Island day. Here you can have a cold cerveza to soak up the views.

Tulum is an ancient city that occupies one of Mexico’s nicest real estate. The coastal reefs were one of Mexico’s first resorts. This place also gives the Mayan royalty some time to greet the sun every day.

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